Best Car Rental in Santo Domingo

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Dominican Republic team

Driving in the Dominican Republic is a memorable and unique experience useful for visiting or discovering every corner of the island. Roads are surrounded by lush and unpolluted vegetation and often you can meet locals hitchhiking.

Car rental agencies here include both large well-known international companies and also small local companies. Although some of the roads in the Dominican Republic are not well-maintained, they very frequently lead to the most spectacular views of the ocean and the countryside. Especially scenic is the mountain road from Sanchez to Las Terrenas with its twists and turns. Driving slowly and with caution is recommended: in this way, the stunning scenery is more easily enjoyed, and it is in keeping with the laid back pace of life found here. When driving, it is also recommended to always signal clearly before making any changes. In the Dominican Republic there are no laws concerning child car seats. Daily, weekly and monthly rentals are available.