Beaches Samaná Peninsula

The Samaná Peninsula is located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic and has over 30 miles of pristine beaches, many of them unknown to tourists due to lower tourist exploitation of this part of the island. Some may remind us of the famous novel Robinson Crusoe because they look wild and semi-deserted. Here, are the north-south’s and east-west's most famous beaches, along with the lesser-known ones that we recommend you visit:

Playa Jackson, Las TerrenasThis is a beach that stretches for 1 km and is accessible by car along a fairly steep road, or by boat from Las Terrenas, and simply because access is a bit difficult, it is not visited very much, making it ideal for lovers of tranquility. It is protected by a large cliff and has coconut trees to protect you from the sun, along with clear waters and white sand.

Playa Cosón, Las Terrenas. A lovely place that at first glance leaves you speechless. It’s considered one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. Just 10 km west of Las Terrenas, this long, semi-deserted beach features a vast array of vegetation, numerous rows of coconut trees, crystal-clear water, and golden sand, and is ideal for long walks. The Cosón River empties here and the beach has several springs with mangroves that provide a strange contrast to this Caribbean beach. The wave action is ideal for surfing.

Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas. Just 3 km from Las Terrenas, Playa Bonita is a spectacular beach in Punta Bonita beach, which is directly connected to Playa Coson. With its Golden sand, and calm, shallow waters, it is suitable for a relaxing day, under the shade of the many palms that stretch to the horizon. It is not crowded, although there are several small hotels facing the ocean that you can stay at.

Playa Las Ballenas, Las TerrenasThe name is based on the fact that from the coast you can admire three keys whose form resemble the backs of whales. As on Playa Bonita, many hotels offer accommodation next to the ocean for the visiting Dominicans and tourists. You can take a dip in the Marico River, which runs into the sea here. If you like sailing, you will find a sailing club on this beach, where you can rent a boat and tour the north coast of the Samaná Peninsula.

Playa Punta Popy, Las Terrenas. Located just 5 minutes from town, this is the busiest beach for the residents of Las Terrenas. Bars and restaurants offer food and drinks to visitors, and you should not miss out on the music in cars or jeeps of the locals. This very wide golden-sand beach is ideal to play a little game of soccer or dance to bachata!

Playa El Portillo, Las Terrenas. Just a few kilometers from Las Terrenas is Playa El Portillo, featuring crystalline waters and fine white sand - not brown, like the rest of the beaches in the west. Many hotels and resorts are located behind this Caribbean beach, where you can enjoy an idyllic and tranquil environment. It’s located close to El Portillo Airport, and often used by operators of private and some charter flights within the Dominican Republic.

Playa El Estillero, Las Terrenas. Located in a small Bay called The Estillero, is a quiet and rarely visited beach, where there are several real estate opportunities. If you're thinking of buying a home in a quiet location overlooking the turquoise green ocean, it might well be an excellent choice!

Playa Limon, Samaná. This beach is located east of Las Terrenas in the village of El Limón. A golden-sand beach, it’s about 3 km long, with large plantations of palm trees. It is rarely visited and is very quiet, although nearby hotels often organize excursions on horseback. It has one peculiarity which is that behind it you will find the Laguna El Limón, which has no outlet to the sea and has a great variety of fauna and flora. From the beach you can see Cayo Limón.

Playa Morón, Samaná. An unspoiled, totally natural beach with rather strong waves, if that’s your liking. It is accessible by car from the village of El Limón, only with 4x4 or quad, because of the difficulty of the road. On this beach, you can do horseback riding and you might even be the only visitor, giving you the feeling of being a castaway! Do not be surprised if you see guns in the sand, which belonged to ships of past centuries which came to this island!

Playa Las Canas, Samaná. About 1 km the other side of Playa Morón, you will find another virgin beach, ideal for walks and enjoying the beautiful turquoise waters and the green coconut trees. To get there, a 4x4 vehicle becomes very useful.

Playa El Ermitaño, Samaná, is a very small beach which is accessible by boat or on foot. If you're an exploring spirit, you'll love this beach.

Playa El Valle, Samaná. Located between two mountains, we find this hidden gem. To the right of the beach is a river that emerges from the mountain, and to the left, a small creek where children can have fun in fresh waters. Crystal-clear water, green mountains, small colorful boats, and deserted tree trunks on its golden sands give it a  wild, rustic look - this is the panorama that awaits you in this unbelievable place. Be aware of the strong waves. Once again a 4x4 is indispensable if you want to get there.

Playa Rincon, Samaná. This is one of the most celebrated beaches in the Dominican Republic. Located at Corner Bay, about 20 miles from Samaná City in the northeastern part of the Samaná Peninsula. Following the detour, it is accessible by 4x4,  is 7 km south of Las Galeras Samaná by road, or by sea from the nearby town of Las Galeras, where we travel by boat for the 2 km trip. It has fine white sand and clear turquoise water, surrounded by mountains and dense vegetation. The salty sea water mixes with the fresh waters of the river which empties here. The shores of Playa Rincon are ideal for practicing sailing and windsurfing.

Playa Colorado, Las Galeras. This is a paradise - a very quiet, golden, sandy beach, it’s usually deserted except for the odd local or an occasional visitor arriving on horseback excursion or by boat from the beach Las Galeras.

Playa Playita, Las Galeras. A cozy beach of white sand and clear waters, coconut palms providing shade at the water's edge, and a small bar where you can sip a refreshing tropical fruit juice or a Presidente, the most popular beer in the Dominican Republic.

Playa Las Galeras, is the main beach of Las Galeras east of the Peninsula of Samaná. From here, you can catch a water taxi that takes you to nearby beaches such as Playa Rincon or Madame, among others. Bars and restaurants where you can eat fresh fish are easily found. The water is calm, and there are gaps where warm water is combined with fresh water from small streams, giving a special feel to your swim.

Playa Madame, Las Galeras, is a secluded beach 4 km from Las Galeras. Ideal for the more adventurous, it can be reached by riding through a tropical forest and down a mountain until you finally reach the beach, which will appear like a small piece of paradise. If you want to continue the adventure, from here you can get to a nearby cave where Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island, lived.

Playa Fronton, Las Galeras. Reaching this beach is somewhat complicated because of the lushness of the area. You can get there in about two hours on foot, or by boat from Las Galeras in 15 minutes. It's a great beach for snorkeling, both for the variety of fish in the area, and for the clarity of its waters. If you want to enjoy the sun, we recommend you arrive in the morning, as the rocky mountain that lies just behind the beach quickly blocks the sun in the afternoon.