Beaches South Coast

Playa Boca Chica, considered the main beach of Santo Domingo, is 30 km from the Capital and 15 minutes from the airport of Las Americas. Do you know why it is called Boca Chica? First, you need to know that the word chica means girl in Spanish. and that it also means small. This beach is connected to the sea by two mouths, one to the west, which is the largest and is used to go to the village of Andres Boca Chica, and the other smaller girl mouth links to the Caribbean Sea. The beach is protected by a coral reef, providing the opportunity to snorkel, and the water is shallow and calm. It is the favorite of Dominicans on weekends, and it is advisable to visit during the week if you want to escape the crowds. This beach is more geared towards couples or single tourists than families. There are plenty of restaurants serving seafood, outdoor vendors offering souvenirs, and plenty of tropical-fruit soft drinks. Here, you won’t find all-inclusive hotels such as those typical of Punta Cana - Bávaro, but the hotels  are of good quality and reasonably priced. Its soft white sand and turquoise waters have made it a favorite destination for sailing regattas, whether on the national or international stage. An example? This year the SAILING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 IODA will be held here.

Playa La Caleta. Located next to Boca Chica, La Caleta is an excellent choice for lovers of diving and snorkeling. La Caleta Underwater National Park is also located here, and the small islands and coral reef off the coast make the beach an earthly paradise.

Playa Guayacanes, is located just 13 km east of Boca Chica in the province of San Pedro de Macoris. It is popular with tourists arriving by bus from Santo Domingo, and particularly popular for its restaurants that offer excellent food and service. As with Boca Chica Beach, it is advisable to visit during the week to avoid the crowds of tourists and Dominicans who, normally flock to this popular Caribbean beach on weekends.

Playa Juan Dolio. Located 3 km east of Playa Guayacanes in the province of San Pedro de Macoris, is the beautiful Juan Dolio beach. The water is warm, the sand is white, and as you stroll down the beach you will find many shells. You can also see all kinds of different fish swimming near the beach. It is perfect to visit with a family and for those who are fleeing from the crowds and want to spend a quiet day relaxing.

Playa Caribe, is located 45 minutes from Santo Domingo, between Boca Chica and Juan Dolio Beach. This beach, which is also known as Embassy Beach, is popular with surfers for its great waves and winds that are favorable for practicing this particular sport. It is not advisable for those seeking a beach with calm waters to have a quiet swim!