Cayos de los Siete Hermanos

Cayo de los Siete Hermanos (Seven Brothers Keys), Montecristi. Located in the northwest of the Dominican Republic, these seven little islands of pristine coral, covering an area of ​​more than 30 km, are perfect for scuba diving. The area of ​​the Keys is also an important fishing area, and has splendid marine fauna which become breeding grounds for birds during the period May to August. This is a true eco-tourism attraction. The hawksbill turtle, which is in danger of extinction, is a species that can be seen here. By hiring a boat, you can visit the seven Keys: Cayo Torurú, Cayo Monte Chico, Cayo Terreno, Cayo Monte Grande, Cayo Ratas, Cayo Muerto, Cayo Arenas (do not confuse it with Cayo Arena, located further northeast of the island, near Punta Rucia in the province of Puerto Plata).