National Parks

LOS TRES OJOS NATIONAL PARK, Santo Domingo. Just five minutes from downtown Santo Domingo, you can find this remarkable reserve. The interior is exceptionally beautiful. These underground caves are deep lagoons, and between stalagmites and stalactites, the visit takes place in a boat that travels through the gaps in the caves. Its three main lakes are within a large cave that is part of this dynamic and fun trip, while the fourth lake is visible from the surface without the need to enter the cave. It has a rich fauna and aquatic flora, as well as beautiful, crystal clear waters. The reserve is proof of the presence of the first settlers of the island who lived in the country’s interior.


  • Lago de Azufre which is 20 m deep, is the first lake you see when you enter. Its name comes from a whitening substance on the bottom which was originally thought to be sulfur, but after a few studies it was actually shown that the waters contain calcium and other minerals.
  • Lago La Nevera, 5,4 m deep, is the second lake you will see. Its name comes from the low water temperature as it never receives sunlight - the temperature fluctuates between 15 °C and 21 °C. In a square, wooden boat powered by ropes that link the caves with each other, and are used to cross to the fourth lake, Los Zaramagullones.
  • Lago Las Damas, is the third lake, and its name is related to the fact that it was formerly used as a spa, and its location so discreet and shallow, that it was reserved for women and children. Its deepest point is only 2,5 m.
  • Lago Los Zaramagullones, is the fourth largest lake. It is circular and 1.8 m deep. It is named after a species of ducks which are native amphibians in the area. There is natural vegetation surrounding the lake, and it is the only one in the open air.

    Among the animals that can be found in these caves are turtles and bats, and also fish that can be seen with the naked eye because the waters are crystal clear.

Magic, splendor, beauty and entertainment - it is definitely worth visiting.
Did you know that... the Dominican community created the name Los Tres Ojos because that was the name given to  water holes or  the formation of natural waters?