Interview with Elvis Peralta Owner of La Casita Azul, Restaurant in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Hello! It is a pleasure to have you here to talk about Casita Azul. To start, tell us a little about your inspiration.

Where does your passion for gastronomy come from?
Elvis Peralta: Hello, thank you very much for coming to live our experience. My inspiration comes from being a lover of gastronomy and the opportunity it offers to show the best of our culture. That sounds wonderful.

What is your favorite dish to cook and why?
Elvis Peralta: My favorite dish to cook is La Parrillada de Mariscos. The flavors of the seafood from our coasts are unique, and the preparation of this dish is simple and practical, which allows the freshness and quality of the ingredients to be highlighted. How delicious!

What have been the most significant challenges you have faced in bringing authentic cuisine to Puerto Plata?
Elvis Peralta: The main challenge has been to maintain an adequate supply of some products that come to us from different places. However, with effort we have achieved good logistics to always offer fresh and good quality products to our customers.

That must take a lot of work and dedication. What is your greatest satisfaction with the restaurant?
Elvis Peralta: My greatest satisfaction has been the welcome from the clients who have visited us and being able to offer them a pleasant experience that they can remember. It is gratifying to see that they enjoy our cuisine and the environment we have created. Customer satisfaction is definitely key.

Why do you recommend Casita Azul?
Elvis Peralta: I recommend Casita Azul because our visitors can enjoy a space with elements of our culture and good gastronomy, all located in the historic center of our city. It is a place where you can live an authentic experience and connect with the essence of Puerto Plata. It sounds like a must-see place.

Finally, why would you invite people to visit Puerto Plata?
Elvis Peralta: I invite everyone to visit Puerto Plata, since we are a destination with a very complete complementary offer. We have La Isabela Historia, the first Village in the New World, in addition to all the natural attractions that we have. Puerto Plata offers a perfect mix of history, culture and nature that should not be missed. Thank you very much for sharing with us.

We can't wait to visit Casita Azul and experience everything Puerto Plata has to offer.
Elvis Peralta:Thanks to you! We are waiting for you with open arms at Casita Azul.