Surfing in the Dominican Republic


Two worlds collide as the thrill of surfing meets this enchanting Caribbean island

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Have you ever felt the thrill of surfing on an ocean wave?  It begins as a hunt. You and your board gently float on the sun-kissed swells as you wait, eyes fixed on the horizon searching, waiting, for your next conquest.  Finally you spot your next prize and stalk its inevitable approach. Suddenly it’s there and the chase is on. Feel the rush inside you as you “catch” your wave. Victory is yours. You have won the battle and you fly across the water displaying to all the ecstasy and triumph of having dominated the powerful ocean under your feet. Yes, few who have tried surfing have hoped it was the last time and find themselves eagerly planning their next ocean adventure. But where to go next? Two captivating worlds collide as the addicting thrill of surfing meets the enchanting island of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is known the world around for its natural beauty. Alluring white sand beaches contrast with its jutting lush emerald hills and highlands. Resorts and villas can be found all along the coast and people from all over the world come to relax and enjoy the sound of the warm breeze stroking   the coconut palms that decorate the coast line. However, it’s the Dominican Republic’s promise of year-round waves and warm turquoise waters that are making it an increasingly popular surfing destination.

Surfing in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic boasts choice surf spots all along its coastline. Popular surf locations can be found from Puerto Plata in the North all the way to Pedernales in the South. Intense waves averaging 3-6 feet high can be expected on the amber coast (the northern side of the Island) during the winter months of October through to May, although it is not unheard of to see powerful 15-20 foot waves as well. During the summer months of May –September, you can find the best waves on the south side of the island. Waves in the south average 2- 5 feet or more. It’s the endless coastline: consistent waves and warm weather that make the Dominican Republic a dream come true for both novice and seasoned surfers alike.

The town of Cabarete is one of the many worthy surf destinations in the Dominican Republic. This bustling tourist town is situated on the upper north coast of the Island, about 20 minutes east of the Puerto Plata International Airport. Cabarete is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the Dominican Republic because it is located near to many surfing beaches including the Playa Encuentro. The continuous flow of adventurous wave riders has resulted in the increase of surf-related businesses. Surfers will be delighted to find plenty of surf shops, board rentals, surf camps and surf vacation packages that include lessons, accommodations and meals. When you’re not riding waves in Cabarete you may choose to relax or explore many well-known resorts, bars, and restaurants.

Playa Encuentro, Cabarete

You may also try surfing on Playa Macao, located just 20 minutes away from the tourist town of Bavaro. A symphony of white sand beaches and a stunning rainbow of blue oceans await you on Dominican Republic’s easternmost point. Playa Macao’s strong waves and sandy beach make it an excellent beach for novice surfers of all ages as well as expert surfers who savor experiencing the thrill of the waves, plus its remote location gives it a private feel. 

On the weekends, however, Playa Macao does become a bit of a popular beach for the locals. If you plan to surf alone or in a group on Playa Macao, you may want to try one of the local surf camps. Dressel Surf Adventure is located to the right of Playa Macao and offers individual and group lessons for those who never have had the pleasure of surfing, as well as for those at the intermediate and expert level. All instructors at Dressel Surf Adventure are EFR (Emergency First Response) certified.  Visit them on Facebook and take a look at how much fun you can have.


Dressel Surf Adventure, Playa Macao

You may find you need to explore the Dominican Republic coastlines for yourself to find your own favorite surf spot.  So rouse your adventurous spirit, grab your surf board and taste the wild, free power of the waves and the alluring beauty of the Dominican coast.


Dressel Surf Adventure Punta Cana, Dominican Republic