Indulge in the Rich Flavors of Dominican Cuisine this Season

Dominican Republic

Taste traditional dishes and savor local delicacies.

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If youʻre booking your trip to Dominican Republic last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours and experiences!
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1. Visit a Local Market for Fresh Ingredients

Explore the bustling local markets of Santo Domingo to find the freshest ingredients for your Dominican culinary adventure. From tropical fruits to locally caught seafood, you'll discover an array of vibrant flavors.


2. Experience a Dominican Cooking Class

Book a cooking class in the Dominican Republic and learn the secrets of creating authentic Dominican dishes from local chefs. From making delicious empanadas to mastering the art of rice and beans, you'll gain valuable insights into Dominican cuisine.


3. Enjoy Freshly Caught Seafood at a Beachfront Restaurant

Head to one of the many beachfront restaurants in the Dominican Republic and treat yourself to a mouthwatering seafood feast. From grilled lobster to crispy fried fish, you'll relish the flavors of the ocean in a stunning tropical setting.


4. Explore the Local Street Food Scene

Immerse yourself in the vibrant street food scene of the Dominican Republic. Try classics like chimichurri sandwiches, tostones (fried plantains), and quipes (deep-fried bulgur rolls filled with meat). It's the perfect way to taste the local flavors on the go.


5. Attend a Food Festival

Plan your visit around one of the food festivals held in the Dominican Republic. From the Dominican Gastronomic Festival in Santo Domingo to the annual Samaná Gastronomic Week, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's culinary celebrations.


6. Visit a Cocoa Plantation

Explore the lush cocoa plantations of the Dominican Republic and learn about the process of making chocolate from bean to bar. Participate in tasting sessions and take home some delicious Dominican chocolate as a souvenir.


7. Sip on a Freshly Prepared Piña Colada

Quench your thirst with a refreshing Piña Colada made with freshly squeezed pineapple juice, coconut cream, and a generous splash of rum. The Dominican Republic is famous for its tropical cocktail, and you won't find a better place to enjoy it.


8. Experience a Farm-to-Table Dining Experience

Treat yourself to a farm-to-table dining experience in the Dominican Republic, where you can savor locally sourced, organic ingredients prepared with care. From rustic countryside restaurants to upscale city eateries, there are options for every taste.


9. Learn About Coffee Production

Visit a coffee plantation in the Dominican Republic and get an insight into the process of growing, harvesting, and roasting coffee beans. Participate in cupping sessions to understand the flavors and aromas of Dominican coffee.


10. Take a Cultural Food Tour

Embark on a cultural food tour in the Dominican Republic, where local guides lead you through vibrant neighborhoods to taste a variety of traditional dishes. It's an immersive way to explore the country's culinary heritage.