Rediscover History: Exploring Santo Domingo's Colonial District

Dominican Republic

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the capital city

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1. National Pantheon

Pay tribute to the Dominican Republic's most revered heroes and national figures at this impressive mausoleum, where prominent citizens are interred. The grandeur of the architecture is awe-inspiring.


2. Plaza de España

Relax and people-watch at this picturesque square, surrounded by beautiful buildings and offering a view of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy a refreshing drink or snack at one of the charming cafés.


3. Museo del Ámbar

Explore the world of amber at this fascinating museum, which showcases a wide variety of amber pieces, including fossils, jewelry, and artistic creations. Learn about its formation and its significance in Dominican culture.


4. La Atarazana

Visit this historic naval shipyard turned cultural center, where you can explore exhibitions, attend workshops, and admire local artwork. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this creative hub.


5. Plaza de la Cultura

Immerse yourself in the cultural heart of Santo Domingo at this expansive complex. Discover the National Theater, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Library, all within a beautiful urban setting.


6. Parque Colón

Relax in the shade of the iconic Columbus Park, surrounded by historic landmarks, shops, and cafés. Engage with the vibrant local atmosphere and watch street performers or musicians.


7. Museo de Cera

Get up close and personal with wax replicas of historical figures, celebrities, and important Dominican personalities at this entertaining museum. Take memorable photos with notable personalities from the past and present.


8. Mercado Modelo

Experience the vibrant energy of this bustling market, where local vendors sell a diverse array of products. Browse through handicrafts, artworks, clothing, and traditional Dominican souvenirs.


9. Plaza de las Banderas

Admire the display of flags from all Latin American countries in this symbolic square, and learn about each nation's history and culture. Take a leisurely walk around the plaza and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


10. Plaza España Cultural Center

Visit this vibrant cultural center housed in a former Dominican customs building. Enjoy a variety of events, exhibits, and performances showcasing the richness of Dominican arts and culture.